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TRE & Neurogenic Yoga

Shake it off!

  • 1 hour
  • Pricing varies
  • 7th Street

Service Description

Your choice! TRE or Neurogenic Yoga. They both bring the client into their natural state of tremors to release long held tension in the body. TRE stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises. Developed by Dr. David Bercelli after working for almost 2 decades in war zone areas as a trauma therapist, he (like Peter Levine) realized humans have a genetic mechanism for how we respond to traumatic events - we contract when startled by an overwhelming event in preparation for fight or flight. We also have an organic response to release the contraction. However, we have been socialized away from this natural response of tremors and often live in freeze with the original fight/flight response trapped in the body. Dr. Bercelli designed 7 simple moves to bring a person into the tremors of the nervous system. The 7 moves are simple movements to slightly fatigue and stretch muscles. Then the person is led through a few movements on their backs to begin the tremors. Neurogenic Yoga, using the science of yoga to bring one into the tremors of the nervous system. So rather than using the 7 moves, yoga is used to warm up the body and bring the client into a more settled / resourced place to then begin the tremors.

Contact Details

  • 1460 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

    + 310.795.5769

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